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The Orange Flower Awards 2023

Terms & Conditions

1. Any entry nominated for this award, must have been created between 1 Jan 2022 and 31st Dec 2022


2. This nomination is open to women (any who identify as women, including trans and cis women). We also welcome and encourage those who identify as non-binary, gender-queer or fluid to apply. 


3. For reasons to do with clear and explicit consent, we allow only self-nominations. If there is another individual who you believe deserves to be nominated, you can direct them to this form. 


4. Each nominee can submit only 1 entry/URL per category. However, nominees can submit nominations in as many categories as they have relevant work to present in. 

5.The processing fee of Rs 350/- is a ONE-TIME payment for one award type only. Separate processing fee is required in case of nominating in multiple awards classes (If nominating in Writing Awards, the nominee pays Rs 350/- and can nominate in multiple writing categories. But, if nominating in both Writing Awards and Social Media Awards, then a separate processing fee of Rs 350/- each has to be paid). Please select & fill details of all the categories in one award type in one form only before making payment. The processing fee will enable organisers to process a large number of applications and organise the awards in a productive manner for all attendees. Paying the nomination fee does not entitle any nominee to an award, which is completely impartial and based on scores and jury discretion.

6. The individual being nominated must hold the copyright to the work being submitted (either in her individual capacity, or as part of an organisation that holds the copyright to the work). Women's Web reserves the right to disallow, reject or take down any nominations found to violate the copyright of other individuals or organisations. 

7. Any entries that do not appear relevant to the category or are offensive or abusive in nature can be barred, entirely at the discretion of the organisers. 

8. Women's Web asks you to share a link to a photograph along with your entry. In case you are unable to submit a photograph of yourself, you can submit another photograph (such as landscape/objects etc) that represents you. However brand logos and other such promotional material are disallowed.  

9. The entries will be judged by an eminent panel of jurors, on criteria relevant to each category such as quality of work, uniqueness within the category and any other relevant technical criteria. 

10. The decision of jurors and the organising committee at Women's Web on awardees will be final. 

11. Nominations can be submitted only after the payment of the processing fee. 

12. In the case of work done by a team or more than one individual, at least one team member performing a crucial role, must identify as a woman, or as non-binary, gender-queer or fluid. 

13. All awards will be couriered to an Indian address only.

14. The Orange Flower 2023 nominations will close on 9th Feb 2023. Results will be announced on 24th February 2023 at the Orange Flower 2023 Awards. ​

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